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Professional Teams:

2 Pitts BBQ - Michael Pittman
502 BAR-B-QUE CREW - Daniel Holyfield
ACME BBQ - Joe Craig
AggieQ BBQ - Heather Pendleton
All Out Pig Out - Mike Harrington
Amped Up BBQ Team - Mack Skaggs
Big JT's Smokin BBQ - Jimmy Tindell
Bigg Abba BBQ - Brent Cox
Blue Chip - Charlie Jackey
Bourbon Barrel BBQ - Andrew Armstrong
Carson's BBQ - Jeff Carson
Col D's Sweet Smokin Q - Col. Wayne R Dunn
Derby City Smokers - Jeremy Noon
Dino Boner -- John Donovan
Dolf's BBQ - Randy Tummers
Eat Mor Butt BBQ - Keith Helming
Extra Mile BBQ - Peter Golob
Farmer's Retreat Smokin' Barbeque - Gary Lewis
Fast Eddie's Lo & Slo BBQ -- Ed Slattery
Feel The Burn - Jan Rice
Flying Pigs and Sons BBQ - Mark Grueninger
Flying Pink Pig BBQ - Dennis Schwein
Goin Big BBQ - Ray Brown
Grey Street BBQ - Nathan Dexter
Hot Racks and BBQ Stacks - Kendra Sikes
Hug Hogs - Frank Denton
Little Bob's BBQ - Bob Melton
Louisville Branded Barbecue - Mike Nusbaum
Monty Pigthon & the Holy Grill - Sid Wibbels
Owensboro Pork Pullers - Justin Wink
Pelletheads.com - Bentley Meredith
Qubed BBQ - Craig Lyjak
Rest In Pork (RIP) - John Patton
Reunited And It Feels So Good - Jason Perry/John Mays
Rice Brothers BBQ - Ray Rice
Rob-A-Que - Rob Bailey
Rural Route BBQ -- Jeremiah Burris
Scuffletown Smokers - Alby Ransom
Smokin' Hookers Bar-B-Q - Jeff Hooker
SMR Good BBQ'ERS - Skip Cissna
Squealers Award Winning Barbeque - Jeff Yater
Stink-Eye BBQ - Jim Caldwell
Team Rine-O - Nic Rine
The Edward Jones BBQ Boys - Dave Lobeck
The Pool Man Que Crew - Chris Hancock
Thunder Hog BBQ - Ron Foster
WeQ4u - Mark Bowman
Whoosier Daddy BBQ - David Caple
Yellow River BBQ-Jeffery C Sharp
Z Smoke - Chris Zaves


Backyard Teams:

2 Jokers & a Smoker
Meat Misters - Joey Allen
Team 3DF - Bill Yuen
Q Pine BBQ - Andrew Scott


John Aboud Louisville,KY
Gary Alderson - Evansville, IN
Mike Beair DeGarff,OH
Fritz Bodenheimer Louisville,KY
John Brataniec Allen Park,MI
Kay Brataniec Allen Park,MI
Danice Brooks Louisville,KY
Bruce Buckwalter Noblesville,IN
John Buckwalter Jeffersonville, IN
Stephanie Burnside Charlotte,NC
Jim Dantin Prospect,KY
Terri Dantin Prospect,KY
Allen Demkovich Connersville,IN
Gwen Demkovich Connersville,IN
Jeff Doss - Lexington, KY
Becky Druetzler Indianapolis,IN
Dave Druetzler Indianapolis,IN
Greg Embry Louisville,KY
Terry England Westfield,IN
Ed Fickel Logan,OH
Cindy Fickel Logan,OH
Ann Flora Groveport,OH
Eric Ford Muncie,IN
John French Louisville,KY
Don Gibson - Ponce Inlet, FL
Kathy Gibson Ponce Inlet,FL
Harold Grise Shenandoah Junction,WV
Brenda Halpin - Underwood, IN
Arika Hamblen Kemp Paragon,IN
Brett Healey - Indianapolis, IN
Sheila Healey - Indianapolis, IN
Lonnie Hess - Fairdale, KY
Claudia Hogman Westville,IN
Leslie Hogman Westville,IN
Dan Hurst Groveport,OH
Kenny Hyberger - Underwood, IN
Roger Kemp Paragon,IN
Nataliya Kemp Paragon,IN
RJ Kemp Paragon,IN
Kimberly Kemp Paragon,IN
Jan Kuzara Southgate,MI
Dale Lauer Evansville,IN
Jay Leisten - Fairdale, KY
Craig Lovins Milford,OH
Lael Lovins Milford,OH
James Marshall Louisville,KY
Maury Marshall Greenville,IN
Steve Mickey Forest Hills,KY
Barbara Mickey Forest Hills,KY
Fred Mozenter Frankfort,KY
John Newell Prospect,KY
Rena Pederson Louisville,KY
Ray Pederson Louisville,KY
Richard Perry - Cincinnati, OH
Doug Philips New Hope,KY
Barb Philips New Hope,KY
Charles Powers Evansville,IN
Scott Rifle Oregonia,OH
Seth Risner Cincinnati,OH
Ed Sitarski - Brownstown, IN
Zach Stilger - Greenville, IN
Carolyn Souza - Columbus, IN
Frank Souza - Columbus, IN
Eva Stone Connersville,IN
John Stone Connersville,IN
Mary Tersine Greenville,IN
Janet Wagner - Sellersburg, IN
Mary Walker Kettering,OH
Rufus Walker Kettering,OH
Stan Wawzysko Ceresco,MI