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Expert Tips for Handball Bettors-Beginners

Handball bets are in steady demand among players. The advantages of the market include a rich calendar, as well as possible inaccuracies in placing the line by bookmakers, especially in live, due to the not very high popularity of this sport. Do you plan to bet on handball? First, you should learn the algorithm of your strategy actions. Before the start of the selected meetings, fix the pre-match total. During the meeting, from the middle of the first half to the beginning of the second, you need to catch the moment when the total “sags” 4-5 goals from the original one and, subject to the match with the rules of the strategy described above, make a bet on the total more.

You’re recommended to pay attention to the choice of the bookmaker, which is influenced by two factors: the bookmaker should offer favorable odds like you can find at https://100betz.com/handball/ and handball bets in live mode. Here, we’ll mention a few effective handball betting strategies.

Bets on Individual Team Total after the First Half

A fairly popular strategy, the essence of which is as follows: the team that lost in the first half of the match will score more goals in the opponent’s goal in the second half than in the first.

Example. After the first half, the score is 9:12. We bet that the individual total in the match of the losing team will be more than 18 or 17.5 (a more cautious option). Youth, women's, friendlies are excluded. There is a slightly modified version of the strategy when the losing team must play at home. Some difficulties are caused by the fact that the bookmaker takes this trend into account and sets underestimated odds. The way out is to wait in live for an increase in the pot.

On the Internet you can find a collection of handball betting algorithms based on the laws of this game. It includes methods of betting on total over/under, on winning a losing favorite, on outsider odds. All of them are based on deviations of the game from the initial forecast. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with these algorithms.

Final Thoughts

An analysis of the market for handball bets and a review of strategies allows us to state that the considered systems and algorithms of the game provide “information for thought”, contribute to the development of game thinking and expand the list of tools that will help develop your own betting strategies.

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